Prompts for turning employee feedback into content + 3 tools

PLUS: go from idea to job launch in 5 min.

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Building a strategy, tech stack, talent program, or recruiting process can indeed seem overwhelming, but it's important to remember that you and your team are more than capable of handling these challenges.

Approach it as if you're assembling a puzzle – one piece at a time. Start with manageable steps, gradually finding your team's footing, and continue learning with each new phase. The most encouraging part? You're not going through this alone.

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In today’s issue:

  • Use GPT to turn interview feedback into content

  • 3 video tools to make work easier

  • Prompts to quickly create and post jobs

  • AI is here to stay and workspaces are changing


The innovation

ChatGPT-4 can turn your employees' insights into copy you can use. Here are four methods to transform anonymized feedback from employee interviews into valuable resources, suitable for distribution across various channels.

To create blog copy

Anonymize feedback and use ChatGPT to delve into it, creating content rich with real stories and insights. This content is perfect for both internal and external communication.

Suggested prompt: "Act as a content strategist and analyze anonymized employee feedback. Identify key themes, providing summaries for each to serve as foundations for blog posts, articles, or other formats, reflecting our company culture and employee experiences."

To craft ad copy

Transform employee sentiments into authentic advertising copy to showcase your company culture uniquely.

Suggested prompt: "Transform anonymized employee sentiments into diverse advertising copy, reflecting our company culture for platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Twitter, etc., creating compelling content that resonates with potential candidates."

To improve job descriptions

Infuse job descriptions with what your team values most, attracting candidates seeking those qualities.

Suggested prompt: "Enhance multiple job descriptions using employee feedback, creating variations that highlight different workplace aspects, tailored to attract candidates seeking specific qualities."

To create scripts for videos

Turn feedback into scripts for explainer videos that vividly bring your company's culture and experiences to life.

Suggested prompt: “Draft scripts for explainer videos from employee feedback, each highlighting different aspects of our company's culture, suitable for various video focuses.”


Useful products

Wednesday - Employee video platform to share your story. (link)

Opus Clip - Repurpose 1 long video into 10 short ones. (link)

Pictory - Turn blog posts into videos in about 10 minutes. (link)


Use 3 prompts to create job copy in 5 min.

Imagine you're in a bind and need to start hiring immediately. With only 5 minutes to get a job posting up and out, we've got just the solution. We've developed a series of streamlined prompts to accelerate your hiring process. Begin with a swift prompt for crafting an SEO-optimized job description, then seamlessly transition to devising targeted interview questions that align with your job spec. To cap it off, draft a compelling blog post. This gives you two avenues to share – as both a formal job description and an engaging blog post – allowing for diverse dissemination across various platforms.

A “prompt” as imagined by ChatGPT.

1 - Create the job description:

Prompt: "As an expert researcher and SEO specialist with extensive experience, I need a comprehensive list of keywords for a job description I'm about to provide. Please act as if you're an authority in this field. Besides the obvious keywords from the job spec, include additional, less obvious but highly relevant keywords that could help in finding the ideal candidate for this position. Here's the job specification: [insert job spec]."

  • Publish the job description on your site or in your ATS and share across social media.

2 - Create your list of interview questions:

Prompt: "Pretend you are a seasoned recruiter and craft a list of interview questions based on this [insert your job description] and for the [insert job title] role. Please categorize the questions into the following sections, providing at least 5 in each: Behavioral Questions, Situational Judgement Questions, Competency Questions. Ensure these questions are specifically tailored to gauge the candidate's suitability for the role, drawing on key aspects from the job description."

3 - Craft a blog post to promote the job opening:

Prompt: "Pretend you are a senior-level recruiter with deep experience in content writing and branding. Craft a recruitment-focused blog post for our company [insert company name] [insert company URL]. We're looking to fill the role of [insert role]. Please use the provided job description as the foundation for the post. Also, incorporate elements from our career site about our value propositions, brand, and culture. The post should be between 750-1500 characters, with a concise title of no more than 35 characters for mobile screen compatibility. Conduct research to propose a highly visible and engaging title to maximize visibility and applications. Additionally, think about how this role might be represented on LinkedIn profiles. Ensure the language is inclusive and persuasive to attract a diverse and talented applicant pool.”


AI and workspace evolution

Wire19 discusses the rapid growth of AI and machine learning jobs in the next four years, driven by the increasing need for optimization, automation, and AI in customer engagement.

PairD, developed by Deloitte's AI Institute, is designed to assist with tasks like drafting content and project management.

A recent report from CIC, a builder and operator of innovation ecosystems, and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services — reveals that businesses increasingly view workspace decisions as strategic, impacting company culture and success.


On talent and fear

“Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and attention you invest in it, the greater the yield.”

- Marcus Buckingham, author and consultant

“Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something”

- Frederick W. Smith, founder and former CEO of FedEx


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As we wrap this up let's reflect on the power of prompts in content creation. Prompts are not just springboards for ideas; they are catalysts for creativity and innovation. They guide us to explore new angles, challenge our thinking, and craft compelling narratives. In the art of communication, especially in branding and marketing, using prompts effectively can turn a blank page into a canvas of possibilities.

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